How to raise an orphaned calf?

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:7 November 2013 

Wendy writes:

I have just rescued an orphaned calf, how often should I be feeding it and do I need to worm him?


Hi Wendy,

Congratulations on the newest member of your family.

When raising an orphan calf they need to be fed twice daily with a calf feeder bottle. Generally they will need 4 litres of warm milk per day.

It is also essential that you provide access to clean drinking water, dry hay for your calf to nibble on which will help to stimulate rumen development. The faster the rumen develops the earlier the calf can be weaned off milk.

From 3 weeks of age you can start to make available some calf crumbles (pellets) these can be mixed with some warm milk and softened slightly to feed by hand.

Start by feeding only 50- 100gm daily and increase slowly with age.

In order to protect your little calf from parasites I would recommend worming from 4 weeks of age with a product such as dectomax pour on. Worming should be repeated at monthly intervals following.

Best of luck, Dr Simon