Queensland Itch on horses

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:8 January 2014 

Gabby writes:

My horse is being attacked by midgee’s and is extremely itchy how do I stop them from biting?


Hi Gabby thanks for your question.

The situation you are describing is very common for many horses in Queensland and NSW and is often called ‘Queensland Itch’ or ‘summer itch’. This problem is caused by an attack of sand flies and midges which bite the horses skin.  This then causes an itchy allergic condition causing the horse to scratch irritated areas of its body along fences or yard railings.

It is important that you get on top of the problem now to avoid your horse developing any further injuries.

The product I would recommend to stop the insects from biting your horse is called permoxin. Permoxin is fast acting and can be diluted in a spray bottle with methylated spirits for a rapid drying time. It is safe to use once a week if necessary to stop the itch from occurring.


If you have the ability to stable your horse at night, this would also help to prevent the insects from attacking your horse at dusk.

I would also recommend using a light summer rug in order to prevent the insects from biting the skin. When washing your horse I would suggest using the Equis insecticidal wash which will help to further aid in the prevention of the Queensland itch symptoms.


Dr Simon