A Birthday Party for your dog

Author: Emily   Date Posted:8 January 2015 

We celebrate our birthdays, our kids birthdays, even Aunties and Uncles, so why shouldn’t you celebrate and throw a party for your pooch?
It’s a lot easier than you’d imagine, here’s how to do it.

Firstly, choose a dog friendly park that has ample area for picnic blankets or better yet a BBQ area for your dog’s human guests.

Secondly, send invites to your pooches closest mates detailing where, when and what they can bring to the party.

Next, get creative…start baking doggy biscuits, meat jerky and any other yummy treats for party favour bags to be given out to the 4 legged friends when they leave.

The day of the party –
Arrive early and set up the party area. You might like to blow up some balloons and hang them from the trees or put up a Happy Birthday sign.

Make sure you’ve remembered the treats bags for your guests and whilst we’re talking treats, make sure that all human food and drink is out of reach of the dogs.

Always make sure you’ve packed a dog bowl for water and keep it filled up, so the pups don’t get too thirsty.

It’s always fun to play some games at a party, and there are many great games you can play with the dogs. For example –
A scavenger hunt
Running races
Catch the treat
Best trick.
Make sure you have prizes for the winners of each game, tasty treats always go down well ;)

There’s really no way not to have fun at a party especially when you’re celebrating your best friends special day.So enjoy yourselves and take lots of photos!



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