Do I need to treat for fleas in winter?

Author: Sam Mason   Date Posted:9 March 2016 

We find ourselves coming to the time of the year when thankfully the temperature starts to drop and those of us in the vet industry start to see more and more people every day that do not treat their pets throughout the cooler months for fleas.


It’s well know that many people unfortunately become quite relaxed about treating their pets for fleas in the winter, as they believe that in the cooler months because of lower ambient temperatures fleas are less of a problem.


Although there may be some merit to this statement, it does not take into account the fact that 90% of the flea life cycle stages live in the environment around your pet. Now you may think “that’s okay the environment is cold too”, ask yourself though; do you heat your house in winter? Is the pet’s kennel/bed warm?


Keeping your pet protected from fleas all year round with the correct prevention method also keeps the flea population under control and will help to prevent flare ups of flea infestation when the weather warms up and flea activity increases. We have an assortment of monthly flea treatments available online that will not only kill adult fleas, but also the juvenile stages and fleas in the pet’s environment. Using these products will provide total flea control at all points of the life cycle and all parts of the year, keeping your pet and yourself happy and flea free.


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