Doggy Dementia Signs

Author: Courtney   Date Posted:7 September 2016 

Have you got an elderly furry family member at home?

Here are a few signs to look out for if you are concerned your dog might be developing or has Dementia.

- Increased total amount of sleep during a 24-hour period

- Decreased attention to surroundings, disinterest, apathy

- Decreased purposeful activity

- Loss of formerly acquired knowledge, which includes housetraining

- Intermittent anxiety expressed through apprehension, panting, moaning, shivering

- Failure to respond to commands and/or difficulty hearing

- Standing in corners or facing walls

- Inability to recognize familiar people

- Excessive barking

- Difficulty navigating familiar environments

- Loss of bladder or bowel control

- Wandering aimlessly

- Confusion/disorientation

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help your aging dog maintain good mental function for as long as possible, and delay the onset and progression of cognitive decline.

The foundation for good health and vitality for pets of any age is a nutritionally balanced meat-based diet made from whole, fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients suitable for your carnivorous dog.

Your pet's diet should also include an abundance of omega-3 essential fats, such as krill oil, which are critical for cognitive health.

Keep your dog's body and mind active with regular age-appropriate physical activity and mental stimulation (puzzles and treat-release toys can be beneficial). Senior and geriatric dogs need daily exercise to maintain good health and a resilient frame.

Make sure your dog has opportunities to socialize with other pets and people.

Keep your dog at a healthy size — overweight pets are at significant increased risk for disease as they age.

Maintain your pet's dental health.

Canine cognitive dysfunction is a progressive disease that can't be cured, but early diagnosis and intervention can slow mental decline and offer your aging dog a good quality of life.

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