Furry Arthritis

Author: Courtney   Date Posted:28 June 2016 


Yes you read that correct. That sore aching feeling we get deep in our joints when the cold winter weather sets in; your pets are susceptible to it too!

Signs that your pet might be suffering from Joint pain include;

Limping, Difficulty Moving, Spinal issues (EG sore neck, hind quarters etc), Excessive Tiredness, Irritability, Muscle Wastage, Licking, Chewing or Biting (which can then lead to skin/fur problems).

Although arthritis cannot be cured, there are various remedies and treatments that can make your pet’s life a lot more comfortable.  Products that have ingredients that increase joint fluidity, control inflammation and help the cartilage repair itself are the best ones to use, all of which can be all natural and harm free for your special family member.

It is much easier to detect Arthritis in Dogs than in Cats. Many arthritic cats simply become less energetic and mobile and often, this change in behaviour corresponds to the cat becoming older. Owners then may simply assume that the change is normal when, in fact, your cat may actually be decreasing his activity level because he is in pain due to arthritis.

Take care of your best friend in the winter months by preventing and combating Arthritis symptoms.

A few of our favourite products for Dogs are 4ctye, Paw Osteocare Chews and Sasha’s Blend.




For your Cat the best sellers are Paw Osteosupport for Cats, Joint Guard for Cats and Natural Animal Solutions Joint Pro Advance. All of these products, plus a wider range are available through Aussie Vet Products.






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