Grieving a pet

Author: Emily   Date Posted:24 November 2014 

It’s something we wish will never happen. That one-day when we will have to say goodbye to our best friend, our baby, our love for the last time.
There is no way to prepare for it, and no way to understand how you are going to cope, but what is important to know is that whichever way you grieve for the loss of your pet is right and perfect for your situation.

Society tends to override the loss of a pet. Close friends and family may understand to some degree, but asking to have time off work to grieve or declining social events because you are so sad are sometimes overlooked and judged by those who simply do not understand.

I have had the awful task of saying goodbye to 5 of my pets in my lifetime, 3 horses, 1 cat and 1 dog. These animals were not only pets, they were family, blood, best friends, confidants and life partners. Each one saw me through mile stones, were there for good times, bad times, hard times and exciting times and the life we shared together will never be forgotten because it helped shape who I am today.
I have been known to drop to my knees sobbing in the car park outside a Vet surgery, to stay in bed for days crying, not being able to grocery shop simply because I could not think straight and I have visited a counselor to help me with my bereavement.

The point of this post is to make you understand that you have every right to grieve the loss of a pet. Be that taking time off work or going away for a mini break to help clear your head and deal with the loss properly. Whatever you feel right for you, do it. After all your pet gave you so much in it’s life time that it is only fair to give it as much time as you need to remember the good times, the happy times and your favourite memories.

As hard as this may sound, an activity that has helped me most is to look at photos or watch videos of your loved one and see what a beautiful life they lived and shared with you.

Be kind to yourself, it’s a process to say to goodbye to someone you love so dearly. Our thoughts are with you…



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