Kibble Or Raw Diet For My Dog? Whats the Difference?

Author: Courtney   Date Posted:20 May 2016 

Both diets can be beneficial provided they are followed correctly by guidelines from your Vet.

Firstly, dry kibble (brands stocked by Aussie Vet Products) are rigorously tested and retested over many years in laboratories to ensure that every single bag that goes out meets the top standard of nutrition (this continues to happen now). By doing this the kibble gives the exact amount of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fibre, Minerals & Vitamins that your animal requires daily, without having to add supplements. This has also been proven to lengthen our pet’s lives by almost double that of when their previous generations were wild and forced to hunt their food. 

Given that kibble alone is great nutrition, it is also convenient and prevents nutrient deficiencies, dental disease and helps faecal matter become less smelly, messy and regular. All of our brands use top quality ingredients from the proteins used to natural sources of fibre, which is why it is perfectly healthy and safe to feed kibble to your pet.

Raw Diets include prepared meals of Meat, Bones, Vegetables, Fruits, Supplements and Grains which need to be specifically calculated by a professional to ensure the nutrient needs are met per breed and age. As this can take a lot of work, unfortunately lack of information can lead to nutrient deficiencies that are irreversible. Although, this diet does bring out the natural instinct and allow an outlet to chew, it does have its risks such as the possibility of contracting Salmonella and other diseases that are passed on by ill prepared food, (this can also be passed onto humans via faecal matter) raw vegetables are often poorly digested and bones can sometimes cause choking, perforation, blockages and broken teeth, not to mention can be very expensive. There is also very little scientific research to back a Raw Diet unlike our Dry Kibble brands, however if you have the time and the correct resources to calculate a precision diet then it can of course be beneficial to your pet.

This diet is often preferred by pet owners who like to know exactly what their dog is eating and how much, however as mentioned above strict guidelines and measurements (provided by your vet) need to be adhered to.

As Always if you are considering changing from a Raw Diet to Kibble, or from Kibble to a Raw Diet we always advice that you seek the advice of your local vet. 

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