Pets and Obesity...

Author: Sam Mason   Date Posted:17 February 2016 

It’s a sensitive issue we face as pet owners… are we over feeding our pets to the point of obesity?

Some information about obesity in pets:

  • Dogs are more likely to encounter weight control problems than cats.
  • Animals at a greater risk are female, neutered, and older in age, poorly exercised, animals with obese owners and animals in a single pet household.
  • Obesity can be associated with medical problems such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, liver disease and increased surgical risk.
  • An overweight pet has a shorter life span and poorer quality of life, compromising its welfare.
  • Obesity is the product of a positive energy balance where caloric intake exceeds the animals output, leading to adiposity.
  • Only 5% of cases are treatable medically, the other 95% of cases must be treated through control of caloric intake.

If you feel that your pet may be overweight or obese it is always beneficial to take them to be looked at by a vet. In most cases your vet will advise you on a particular food or diet to stick to if the animal is largely obese. If you feel as pet owner that your little friend might be a little “pudgier” then normal a weight maintenance diet and exercise would be a great starting point in turning them around.

The best brands for food out there for weight loss and management in pets are:

  1. Hills prescription and Science Diets
  2. Royal Canin
  3. Eukanuba
  4. Advance
  5. Black Hawk
  6. Iams

Just like humans, we need to make sure that our pets are staying active and are getting regular exercise to assist with weight loss and over health.

If you have any other questions about a potential “porky” furry family member of yours please do not hesitate to call us or your local vet!


AVP xo

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