Protect your pet with plants that repel nasty insects

Author: Emily   Date Posted:19 March 2015 

If you're a bit of a green thumb and your pet spends a lot of its time in the we have an activity for you this weekend?

It's time to get planting, and not just planting any old plants, let's get planting certain plants that help to repel insects especially the nasty insects that affect our furry friends.

The following plants are fantastic for repelling pesky insects -


You've probably noticed that the first 6 plants listed can also be eaten, so not only will you be planting plants that are helpful to your pet, they can also be consumed and added to your favourite recipes!

It is also important to treat your pet against fleas and ticks as these nasties can enter your garden on a host animal for example possums, bandicoots and other wildlife. These animals (through the process of natural selection) are able to prevent serious illness from tick toxins due to building up strong natural adversions, however domestic animals are very vulnerable and can be severely affected. Fleas can also play havoc on your pet and worse still if an outbreak is strong enough they can infest your home. Therefore a monthly preventative for fleas and ticks is a must, visit for all your flea and ticks products for dogs and cats.

Have a great weekend and happy planting :)

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