Recipe for an Upset Tummy

Author: Emily Rice- Scott   Date Posted:29 May 2014 

There can be many reasons why our dogs go off their food, this can include fasting, which is very normal occurrence in dogs and shouldn’t cause any worry until perhaps eating hasn’t been resumed after 2 days.

However more sinister reasons include viruses caught from other dogs, eating something yucky on a walk or recent vaccination.

Here is a simple and nourishing recipe to introduce your pooch back to eating.
200g short grain rice
750ml unsalted chicken stock
100g cottage cheese
1 apple.
Cook the rice in the chicken stock until soft. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
Stir the cottage cheese into the rice. Grate apple finely and stir into the rice mixture.
Serve in several small portions throughout the day, at room temperature.

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