Stay at Home Dog

Author: Emily Rice- Scott   Date Posted:1 May 2012 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all take our dogs to work with us every day?
For some people this is possible, but for others who work in office buildings, work long hours or simply don’t have a dog friendly work place, this means your pooch must spend the day at home.

Whilst most dogs spend their days sleeping, I know this as I’ve nanny cammed my pup Elmo throughout the day, and let me tell you he tends to sleep 95% of the time with the extra 5% either changing sleeping positions or having a drink – cheeky guy.

Many dogs can become bored easily and this can result in destructive behaviour, including digging, chewing, howling or worse - barking!
If this sounds like your dog, don’t fret…here are a few tips to help keep your dog stimulated and quiet throughout the day –

  1. Exercise. Before you leave for work take your dog for a big walk. I know getting up an hour earlier than you have to sounds painful, but it’s important to make sure a) your dog gets his/her daily exercise requirement and b) gets worn out.
  2. Giving your dog a job. This might sound a bit crazy and like you’re planning on the pooch doing the house work (uh yes please!) but unfortunately no. By giving your dog a job like a treat treasure hunt, you are keeping your dog stimulated and busy. Whilst my dog is having his breakfast, I run around the house placing treats/kibble that he has to find once I have left. Elmo loves this game and after I give him and kiss and a cuddle goodbye, I’ve seen him run around the house sniffing and looking for treats.
  3. Toys. A wonderful toy on the market is the Kong Classic. This brilliant product is made of tough rubber that has a hole at one end, which can be, filled with treats, kibble or wet food. Dogs are encouraged to lick and chew the food out from inside the Kong. This encourages stimulation whereby your dog is focused on the food inside and kept busy for hours whilst also combating boredom. Another great Kong product is the Kong Starpod.
    Check out our range of toys to combat boredom here

I hope these few tips help to keep your pup happy, content and mentally stimulated whilst at home alone.

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