The Wormy Truth

Author: Courtney Major   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

It is so important that you worm your pets all year round and here are a few reasons why:

1.       Most intestinal worms can withstand freezing temperatures so even in the winter they are actively seeking hosts.

2.       Worms are found in living hosts and are spread primarily by eggs that are passed through your pet’s faeces. Their eggs can survive for years in the soil, long after any evidence of pet waste has disappeared. This allows worms to survive virtually anywhere you find pets or people

3.       Worm infestations are difficult to eliminate. In just one week, two infected puppies can shed more than 20 million eggs, enough to contaminate a 2,800 square-foot yard

4.       Hookworms, in addition to infestation by ingesting eggs, are also able to penetrate the skin of pets and people alike when they are larvae. With young children and the elderly being the most susceptible to infestation.

5.       Left unchecked, worms can cause weight loss and anaemia, weakness, poor appearance, vomiting and a lot of other severe problems. What’s more, worms aren’t just dangerous to your dog and cat; they also put people at risk, especially children.

6.       If you allow your Dog or Cat to eliminate in the backyard, remove faeces at least once a week. It’s important you watch where your pet goes in the neighbourhood and dog park; these places are often infested with intestinal worm larvae

Protect your family both Furry and Human by giving your pet an Intestinal wormer all year round. You can find all of the best Intestinal Wormers on Aussie Vet Products and our friendly staff members are available to help you pick which will best fit you and your pet. 

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