Why animalintex?

Animalintex is THE poultice and wound dressing suitable 
for a wide range of conditions.
  Renowned world-wide for its effectiveness, 
and now improved with a stronger core for better strength when wet.
Animalintex is a unique and proven combination of:

  • Boric acid bp antiseptic - minimizes infection and re-infection, promotes healing.
  • Tragacanth - a natural poulticing agent, activated by water, draws out infected wounds, abscesses and reduces inflammation. Contained in a specially made with...
  • Low adherent skin contact layer - prevents damaging the wound on removal and protects sensitive skin.
  • Improved cotton wool - absorbs and holds away pus and infected secretions from the body. Also protects and warms.
  • Cushioned protective layer - protects against external re-injury from knocks and bumps.
  • Plastic backing - keeps out external contamination, keeps in moisture and warmth for faster healing.
  • Economical to use - Animalintex is the only poultice and dressing 
you can cut to the size needed, keeping the remainder for later use, no need to waste.

How to use animalintex

  • Hot wet poulticing
  • Clean mud and dirt away from the area to be treated.
  • Use whole or cut to the size required. (Place remainder back in the bag for use later).
  • Place with the plastic side upermost in a shallow tray. (Do not use a bucket unless it has been very carefully cleansed first).
  • Use boiled water that has been allowed to cool to 38ºC/100ºFand pour the water into the tray, around the edges of the Animalintex.
  • When saturated, take out and gently hand squeeze out the excess water. (If pus is to be absorbed, squeeze out more water so that the poultice is damp rather than wet).
  • Place on the affected area with the plastic side on the outside, moulding the Animalintex to the contours of the body.
  • Hold in place with a bandage such as the Robinson Superflex cohesive bandage, making sure the poultice is completely covered.

Cold wet poulticing

Follow the same procedure as above, butt using boiled water that has been allowed to cool thoroughly before pouring. When the Animalintex is saturated, squeeze out excess water and apply cold to the affected area.

Dry dressing

After cleaning the area, apply the dressing directly then bandage. Used dry, Animalintex may be used several times and still retain its effectiveness.

Dry pressure padding

Use dry, apply directly and bandage.