Aus Organics

Organic goodness

All of our products are certified organic to the ACO standard. That means that every ingredient we use is farmed in a more sustainable way. What's the outcome? Quality ingredients, healthy biodiversity, no chemicals fouling the farm and a smaller eco-footprint for all of us. We're all-in on a cleaner, greener future - we owe it to our planet and our pets.

Nothing nasty

Four legs or two, we all feel our best with nature on our side. We don't want unnatural nasties in our pets bellies. Yet most pet supplements and treats out there are filled with stuff we can't pronounce, that we're dam sure didn't grow in nature. So we said a big nope.Our products have absolutely no chemicals, no artificial additives, absolutely nothing cooked up in a test tube. There's also no preservatives, no wheat, no soy. Your best buddy wouldn't eat that in the wild if they were running free. Why would you give it to them now?

Big brain backing

Our vet-nutritionist has studied nutrition at the highest academic level, and she's worked in conservation medicine. Not only does she know her stuff, she's all about animal welfare, not collecting fees for a celebrity endorsement. That's important to us and shows both her heart and her big brain are involved. She's our kind of furman.

Pre-tested on humans

Yeah, you read that right. Our products started life as human health supplements, stuff that had been proven fit for human consumption. We wanted to be absolutely sure they delivered the best possible goodness and results, so we made ourselves the guinea pigs. It’s a double-win. Now we’re in peak physical condition — and so is our best buddy.