About Us

  • Avigrain is a proud Australian family owned small business.
  • We have been operating from our Berkeley Vale factory on the Central Coast of NSW since 1987.
  • In 2010 a production and storage site at Purrawunda was opened in the heart of the Darling Downs.
  • Avigrain makes a large range of products which include our range of specialist birdseed mixes which have grown to be the best selling breeders birdseed mixes in Australia.
  • We also make straight birdseed, poultry grain mixes and general produce lines.
  • We Are Consistent


We aim for consistency in blend and quality of our mixes. Our purchasing, cleaning and mixing processes makes for sound, clean and fresh seed. After mixing we aspirate the seed so that husk or dust generated in the process is removed.


Birdseed prices fluctuate dramatically. Our aim is to keep our prices stable. By buying at harvest and storing, contracting established growers each year and taking long-term positions we maintain steady price levels even in times of extreme drought and product shortages.

We Stand By Our Products

  • Avigrain is associated with consistent, quality product at a reasonable price amongst retailers as well as the bird-keeping community.
  • We work hard to maintain this reputation and take all complaints seriously.
  • We are grateful for any suggestions or observations which may help us improve our service. Tell us directly or join the conversation and leave a review.