Banana Feeds Australia

Nature’s Elite Green Banana Supplement. It’s All About Gut Health. 100% Natural 100% Australian

A 100% natural gut health supplement for all equine, canine and bees made from sustainably grown dried green bananas and nothing else!

Gut health is so important in the performance and well-being of all equine and canine breeds.

Whole green banana fibre acts as a pre-biotic to favour the nourishment of beneficial microflora in the gut helping to retain a healthy microbiome thus creating gut harmony. B-COMPLETE™ assists with gastroenteritis due to the anti-inflammatory and natural properties found in green bananas.

As the gut is vitally important to immune function, a balanced microbiome and gut harmony is essential for immune competence, allowing horses to maintain their defence against bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic challenges.

Gut stability also maintains normal digestion and a healthy gut can also aid temperament. In addition, whole green bananas have shown to help maintain normal gastric mucosa.