Dog Rocks

The original 100% natural solution for dog urine burn marks

Dog Rocks® are a product quarried in Australia that helps prevent those nasty urine burn stains appearing on your lawn.

Dog Rocks was born in 2004 in Melbourne Australia. Founder, Andrea Roberts had just welcomed puppy Max the cocker spaniel into her family and he was ruining her husband’s prized lawn. Andrea had heard about a rock that when placed in a dog’s water bowl, created an ion exchange due to its high paramagnetic value, making for cleaner water and no more burn patches on the lawn after the dog does a pee. It sounded too good to be true but after many months of searching and testing Andrea found this to be 100% true. She then made the decision to share this with the world.

It is the only natural solution to a very common problem amongst dog owners and garden aficionados, who no longer need be mutually exclusive.