Dow Agrosciences

Agriculture, Feed and Animal Care

Enabling more efficiency and sustainability of agricultural management

Farmers face unique challenges as they aim to grow profitability while reducing environmental impact. In collaboration with customers and universities, we’ve developed technologies to help you improve the efficiency and sustainability of your agricultural operations.

  • Additives for agrichemical formulations – including specialty surfactants, high-performance solvent and silicone wetting agents – that improve the efficacy of crop protection products
  • Chemical intermediates that help deliver advanced pesticide production
  • Polyethylene resins that enable high-performing mulch films to control weed growth and improve crop yield
  • Durable greenhouse and tunnel films that enable longer harvest periods
  • Resins to improve the toughness and extend the life of irrigation pipelines through superior resistance to corrosion and cracking

Superior feed & animal care solution designed to optimize nutrients and feed mill efficiency

For animal feed manufacturers, we supply a range of technologies, backed by technical and regulatory support, to help preserve grains and increase feed mill efficiency:

  • Natural preservatives that protect against a wide range of bacterial and fungal species, including mold
  • Emulsifiers that increase digestion and absorption of oils, fats and other nutrients, reducing overall feed costs
  • Surfactants for improved pellet quality through better, more uniform dispersion of fat and water
  • Chelating agents to remove impurities in fatty animal feed products and to avoid animal digestive rejection