EAC Animal Care

EAC Animal Care (EAC), the creators of innovative, science-based, nutraceutical animal health care supplements, was founded by Steinborner brothers, Luke, Nigel, Daniel and Bill in August 2017 alongside immunologist, Dr Danny Xue.

EAC Animal Care is an Australian family business based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia established in 2017.

The outstanding success of their range – including their flagship product, “in-sideout” which is an intestinal health care supplement that works to support immune health and improve the overall wellbeing of animals.

EAC Innovation & Research Centre was established since then to strengthen its footprint in the industry. With all this and more, EAC can continue to deliver what is in the DNA of the team: you care, we care.

  • Made from Natural Ingredients
  • Australian Owned & Made
  • 100% Taste Guaranteed
  • Backed by science