We're here to take a stand for nature

We started Goodnature for good reason: to see endangered wildlife in New Zealand flourish. Down here in New Zealand rats and mice are introduced species which cause havoc with our native species.

Through finding new ways to solve this problem we’ve created a rat and mouse trap that’s automatic, non-toxic and delivers a quick kill, which is kinder for the pest.

And now our technology is available in Australia, for your pest problem at home!

We've got over 15 years of experience in trapping, so you know our traps will stand up to whatever you throw at them.

Your complete trapping solution.

Designed for indoor spaces through to wild places :-

  • Automatic :- No more checking and resetting traps. Get the trap that resets automatically, 24 times
  • Kind :- Even pests deserve to be treated kindly. Goodnature traps mean a quick death.
  • Non-toxic :- Our lures are toxin free. There's no need for nasty poisons, so you know it's safe.
  • Easy to use :- Easy to setup and move around the house wihtout getting your hands dirty
  • Built to Last:- Designed for the toughest environmental conditions  
  • New Zealand Made:- High quality products, from people who care. Designed and made in New Zealand.

The latest innovation in trapping :-

Our new Bluetooth™ product, Chirp, counts each pest your trap has killed and shares this data to your smartphone. No more guesswork, no more notebooks.