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Purina Pro Plan Pioneering Nutrition that Performs

Everything we do at PRO PLAN is based on a simple aim: to help improve the lives of pets and their owners. It’s this inspiration that helps us develop the best possible pet nutrition, and drives us to constantly innovate, leading to nutritional breakthroughs that will benefits all pets – including yours.

We believe in the Power of Nutrition

Your pet means everything to you, and we know that you want to give your pet the best life possible. We believe this is made possible through the power of nutrition. Every PRO PLAN formula is boosted with a proprietary blend of nutrients tailored for your pet’s specific health needs at every stage of their life. PRO PLAN is designed to give your pet the best possible nutrition, so they can lead a long, healthy, more rewarding life.

The nutrition you want, without the ingredients you don’t

Ingredient quality and safety is the highest priority for PRO PLAN and is non-negotiable. We don’t add things to our products if they do not contribute to the nutritional content of your pet’s food. Meat is our #1 ingredient and we have no added colours, flavours or preservatives. We’ve also optimised our cooking processes to deliver superior nutrient absorption so you know your pet is getting the most out of their food.

Nutrition that Performs

For us ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. It’s why we regard the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) nutrition profiles as just starting points. We don’t just meet these standards, we surpass them. The PRO PLAN range has been developed by a dedicated team of more than 500 scientists, including veterinarians, nutritionists and animal behaviourists, to provide pets with meaningful benefits that are scientifically proven. So you know that we don’t just say it performs, we prove it.

We’re redefining what nutrition can do

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition, imagining what else nutrition can do for pets like yours. This pioneering approach has inspired our extensive range of specialised formulas, including nutritional breakthroughs like BRIGHT MIND and LONGEVIS for dogs and cats aged 7+, where we look at healthy aging in a whole new way. Our breakthrough nutritional discoveries have been internationally recognised and published in scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Beyond Nutrition

As pet owners ourselves, we know the lifelong sense of responsibility that comes with pet ownership. We also believe that the most important contributor to a pet’s well-being is a caring and committed owner.

That’s why we’re committed to being there for both of you, sharing our nutrition and care expertise, tailored for each moment of your pet’s life.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want pets to enjoy their food and palatability is key to gaining effective nutrition. Our nutritionists have applied the latest insights into canine and feline taste preferences to ensure PRO PLAN satisfies even the fussiest of eaters.

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