How does Pyohex® Medicated Shampoo help my pet?

Pyohex® Medicated Shampoo is formulated to remove dirt and scale and kill cutaneous micro-organisms which primarily or secondarily cause dermatitis. Chlorhexidine gluconate, the active ingredient in Pyohex® Medicated Shampoo, has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against most bacteria that are commonly found in cases of superficial bacterial dermatitis.

Why does my dog get these infections?

Superficial bacterial dermatitis can occur in dogs with skin disease. It is usually a secondary infection, where there is an underlying condition that allows the normal resident bacteria of the skin to overgrow and cause an active infection. Primary infection, infection without an underlying cause, can also occur but is less common.

Underlying causes of secondary bacterial dermatitis can include:

  • Allergy – environmental allergens such as tree pollens and weeds, food allergy, flea allergy.
  • Hormonal or endocrine diseases.
  • Parasitic infestations such as fleas, mites or lice.

It is important to treat the secondary infection as well as the underlying condition for optimal management of the skin disease.