Vets All Natural

Pet Nutrition for a Long, Healthy, Happy Life

Vet’s All Natural is making it easier for pet parents to feed a wholesome, raw diet. Founded in Australia in 1995 by a local veterinarian and internationally recognised pet-nutrition expert, our goal is simple: give your pet the very best natural nutrition they need to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life they can.

The ‘All-Natural’ Advantage Explained

For millions of years, canines and felines thrived on a diet of raw muscle meat, organs, vegetable matter, fruits and raw bones. In short – what Mother Nature intended.

Many modern day health issues like skin and stomach allergies, arthritis, obesity, digestive issues, urinary infections and gum disease have emerged since the introduction of overly cooked and processed commercialised pet foods e.g. kibble, wet cans

Fortunately, the solution is simple: a return to the natural, raw and balanced diet that allowed canines and felines to evolve and thrive. It’s time to join the raw food revolution

That’s why we only use natural, high-quality ingredients and carefully consider the critical nutritional elements required for the very best of health. We consider every aspect, including:

  • Using lean meats with an ideal mix of protein and fat for optimum health
  • Formulations for sensitive dogs to support immune, skin and gut health.
  • Mimicking the nutrition-rich vegetable and fruit matter in prey animals
  • Using technologies to air dry raw food and lock in the raw nutrition your pet needs
  • Tapping into the benefits and health properties of modern and ancient herbs