Vets Best

Since 1997, Vet’s Best Products has been producing and supplying Australia with the very best 100% natural Lamb Liver Rewards.

Developed, recommended and guaranteed by Veterinarians and Vet Specialists, Vet’s Best Rewards are the #1 choice for training and treating your dog the healthy way.

The Vet’s Best Story

In 1997 whilst practicing as a vet in rural NSW, I was often asked to recommend a healthy and nutritious treat for pets.

Realising that there was no such product on the market, I started buying human-grade liver from my local family butcher, and slicing and cooking it in my own oven.

These became the very first 100% natural liver treats and so Vet’s Best Products was born.

We now have three facilities on the beautiful Central Coast NSW and a vast customer base of veterinary clinics across Australia.

– Dr. Marie Rowe BVSc. MSc.