My Flea Product isn't working!

There is nothing worse than treating your dog for fleas but feeling like the product isn’t working! Rest assured that all of our products are covered by a 100% manufacturers guarantee and we will be happy to work with you to fix your flea problem.

The reason why your product may not be working to your expectations is all to do with: Timing, Degree of flea burden and Environmental factors. It is important to asses these 3 things to ensure you break the flea lifecycle and stop the problem.

Timing & degree of flea burden: Did you know that when fleas are dying they come to the surface and can be seen more clearly?

Many flea products can take up to 8 – 12 hours to reach their full efficacy. Whilst the product may be working hard to kill the fleas on your pet, sometimes the burden is so intense it just cant keep up with the demand! In a bad flea burden, we recommend combining your normal monthly flea treatment with Capstar to increase the speed of treatment. Capstar will start to kill the fleas on your dog within 30 minutes. Alternatively, Comfortis also provides fast relief (within 30 minutes) against fleas and last for an entire month.

Environmental factors: If your pet has a bad flea burden, we recommend that all animals in the household are also being treated with a product to control both eggs, larvae and adult fleas. Are there other animals that your pet is coming into contact with who aren’t treated that could be re-contaminating them? Eg: the neighbour’s cat or dog?

We also recommend treating any area’s in and around the house with a product that kills both the adult fleas but also stops eggs and larvae from developing & hatching. For example: Washing all pet’s bedding and drying in bright sunshine & treating carpets/ couches/ duvet’s with Indorex spray.