There are Fleas in my House!

Have you moved to a new house? Or has your pet recently been infected with fleas?

Whilst you may be treating your pet for fleas there may still be a huge flea problem hiding underneath your carpets or mattress in the house. Fleas can lay dormant for several months until the ideal conditions of movement (vibrations) and or heat provide the optimal setting for fleas to hatch.

How can you treat these areas in the house quickly and effectively to ensure the problem doesn’t return?

  1. Wash all bedding/ blankets/ duvet’s including personal and pet’s in a 60-degree wash and hang in the bright sunshine to dry. You can even pre-treat bedding with Orange Guard or Fido’s Bedding and Jacket spray prior to washing.
  2. Treat carpets and soft furnishings with Indorex spray - a product that kills both adult fleas and sterilizes eggs and larvae.
  3. Treat entire rooms with Fido’s flea bomb or a natural solution such as My Flea Trap.
  4. Continue to treat your pet monthly with a flea treatment - all year round to stop the flea lifecycle and prevent recontamination.

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