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Adaptil (formerly DAP)

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Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) which is released by a mother dog to calm her puppies.

This pheromone has been scientifically proven to provide lasting comfort for dogs suffering from stressful situations such as puppy training, re-homing a dog, separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, travel anxiety, new baby and hospitalisation.

By introducing Adaptil early in a puppies life, it has been proven that dogs are socialised better and are far less likely to demonstrate stressed behaviour such as whining, urination, shyness, cowering, shaking, freezing, escaping or agression.

Product features:

  • No smell and is odourless and safe to use around humans and other animal species
  • Helps calm and reassure puppies and adult dogs by continuously releasing pheromones 24 hours a day

Which Adaptil is right for your dog?

The Adaptil Diffuser:

The Adaptil diffuser is a discrete plug in that covers the entire home environment with the DAP Calming pheromone.

The diffuser is perfect for introducing a puppy to their new home, calming multiple dogs in the household, during thunderstorms and fireworks.

Difuser covers an area of 50-70m2 and each refill lasts up to 4 weeks.

The diffuser should be continuously plugged into the room where the dog spends the most time.

Adaptil Refills can be purchased and replaced as required, up to 5 refills may be used before replacing the Diffuser unit.

The Adaptil Collars:

The Adaptil Collars are a conveinient and easy to use solution to help both puppies and adult dogs adapt to all sorts of stressfull situations.

They have been clinically proven to dramatically improve a puppy's socialisation skills which leads to a more well rounded adult dog.

Each collar lasts for one month and treatment with the collar should be used continuously for a minimum of 3 months.

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