Mother dogs communicate with their puppies through natural messages released into the air, "comforting messages“ (called Pheromones). These odorless messages are only perceived by dogs.  Cats and people are not affected.

These “comforting messages” provide a strong signal of security and comfort to puppies.  The “comforting messages” sent by ADAPTIL Junior helps your puppy feel the same comfort and security with your family as it did with it's mother.

  • ADAPTIL Junior helps puppies stop crying at night within 5 days
  • ADAPTIL Junior is an effective solution to help your puppy be less fearful and more playful during adoption period
  • We recommend using ADAPTIL Junior until your puppy is 6 months old
  • ADAPTIL Junior is recommended from the day you bring them home until they are 6 months old

When to use?

  • Provide constant comfort at home for your dog
  • If your dog has issues when staying alone at home (barking, crying, whining, shaking)
  • If your dog is fearful of loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms
  • If your dog shows signs of fear at home or discomfort when visitors come to your home

When to not use?

  • As a substitution for training
  • If your puppy is having problem with house training it could be due to a medical reason. It is important to consult a veterinarian to rule out potential medical issues in your puppy.
  • ADAPTIL Junior will not help and should never be used  in case of aggression towards humans or other dogs. In such situations, we strongly recommend to consult your veterinarian or a qualified behaviorist.