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Ausrichter Enerselen Injection 100mls


Ausrichter Enerselen Injection 100mls


  • Adinosine Triphosphate: 2mg/mL
  • Urdine Triphosphate: 1mg/mL
  • Sodium Selenite (selenium): 1mg/mL
  • Heptaminol Hydrochloride: 5mg/mL
  • Magnesium Aspartate: 15mg/mL
  • Potassium Aspartate: 15mg/mL
  • Vitamin B12/Cyancocobalamin: 0.5mg/mL


  • x2 The Amount Of Selenium Compared To Kynoselen/Dynajec.
  • x2 The Amount Of Vitamin B12 Ccompared To Kynoselen/Dynajec.

Enerselen has the same level of Heptaminol as Kynoselen – the same regulations apply.

Enerselen contains heptaminol, a prohibited substance under the rules of racing and competition. A withholding time needs to be applied following the last treatment and before presentation for racing. Consult a veterinarian or racing steward as to the withholding time

Presentation – 100mL bottle

Poisons Schedule – S5

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