Ausrichter Pty Ltd was registered in 1971 and was founded by Dr Wilhelm Marbach, a veterinary surgeon who was primarily interested in the equine industry.

Initially, Ausrichter was an agency for Richter Pharma, Austria, which began around 1600 as a small pharmacy in Wels that serviced the human and veterinary market in the surrounding areas.  Today, the company is a globally sucessful pharmaceutical company.

Over the years Ausrichter has gained other agencies so that it has a widely diverse product range for both small and large animals and is at present distributors for Richter Pharma AG, Austria and  CZ Veterinaria SL, Spain.

In 2011, Ausrichter purchased Penetrene “A” Liniment for Horses and Dogs. In 2015, Ausrichter added Enerselen Injection, DL-Methionine Injection, Austrazole Fungicidal Wash and Scour-X Oral Anti-Diarrhoeal Suspension, Tolflam Anti-Inflammatory Injection for Cattle and Pigs and Romazine 100 a sedative, analgesic and muscle relaxant for Horses and Deer to their stable of products.

Warwick Harnwell, Managing Director of Ausrichter Pty Ltd has over 50 years of experience in the veterinary industry internationally and Australia wide.

Ausrichter is now wholly-owned and operated by an Australian family.