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Ausrichter Richtasol AD3E&c Inj 100ml (out of stock)


Ausrichter Richtasol AD3E&c Inj 100ml

Prevention - Treatment of deficiency in young animals


1mL contains:

  • 50.000 I.U Vitamin A
  • 100mg Vitamin C
  • 25.00 I.U Vitamin D3
  • 30mg Vitamin E as acetate

Vitamin A is essential propagation of species, it assists in body growth, regulates the formation of the epithetial layer of the skin & mucous layers & protects the body from infection.

Vitamin C it influences the formation of haemoglobin & red cells maturation & certain immunological reactions of the body. Also prevents vein fragility. Vitamin D3 regulates the calcium & phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin E has a saving effect & regulates the metabolism of albumin, carbohydrates & minerals. It is essential for the physiological functions of the liver & muscles.


To increase resistance to infectious diseases & diseases of your stock, parasitic infestations, promotion of growth, rickets, sterility, deficiency caused sterility, cysts, during pregnancy & lactation, recovery after disease.


Subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously (only for large animals), orally.

  • Horses/Cattle 5-30mL
  • Sows - Boars 5-10mL Also effective for use in Alpacas - Dose 5-10mL
  • Calves - Foals 5-10mL
  • Piglets - Dogs 1-6mL

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