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Bayer Copperplan Cap 20g 50 Caps


Bayer Copperplan Cap 20g 50 Caps

COPACAPS contain copper oxide wire particles in gelatine capsules and are the safest and most effective form of copper supplementation for cattle. After oral dosing, the capsule dissolves and releases small wire rods of oxidised copper which lodge in the folds of the abomasum. Its weight stops it being regurgitated, and in the acidic environment of the abomasum the rods dissolve. Copper is then released into the bloodstream and stored in the liver. They are a very safe form of supplementation and give long term protection against deficiency.

Elevated levels of copper in the liver can be expected for between four and eight months depending on dietary conditions. Strategic timing of a single dose can protect your herd for a whole year.

COPACAPS can be used for both treatment and prevention of copper deficiency.

Product description

COPACAPS contain cupric oxide rods inside a gelatine capsule. Capsules are consistently effective at raising liver copper stores.


  • Iron metabolism
  • Bone development
  • Maintenance of connective tissue
  • Blood formation
  • Disease resistance
  • Reproduction/fertility

Withholding periods

  • Meat: Zero (0) days
  • Milk: Zero (0) days


Store in a cool dry place below 25 °C in original container.

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