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Coopers Easy Dose - Pour On Cattle Lice & Fly Treatment

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Coopers Easy-Dose Pour-on Cattle Lice And Fly Treatment

Coopers Easy-Dose Pour-on Cattle Lice And Fly Treatment is for the control of Stable Fly, House Fly, Lice and synthetic pyrethroid susceptible Buffalo Fly on beef and dairy cattle. For control of synthetic pyrethroid susceptible Buffalo fly for up to 3 weeks and Stable fly for up to 1 week on horses.

Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin 15g/L


  • Contains a highly effective water-based formulation of Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid
  • Works fast, with rapid action against lice and nuisance flies (Stable Fly and House Fly) in cattle.
  • The water-based formulation provides improved safety and application benefits over solvent-based products.
  • Now registered for control of susceptible buffalo fly (in cattle)
  • Water based formulation resulting in minimal irritation on cattle and no disruption to milking
  • Persistent activity which controls nuisance flies for up to 6 weeks and lice for up to 8 weeks after treatment in cattle1
  • Nil meat and milk withholding period when applied to cattle
  • Now registered for use in horses and provides 3 weeks control of buffalo fly and 1 week control of stable fly
  • Deltamethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid chemical


COOPERS EASY-DOSE is, as its name suggests, easy to apply.

Dose – 5 mL per 100 kg of live weight for calves, cattle and horses. (See label for application instructions for horses)

Cattle and horses in excess of 600 kg should receive 5 mL per 100 kg live weight.

When applying to cattle, COOPERS EASY-DOSE should be applied in a single strip along the backline from poll to tail with any standard pour-on gun. However the recommended applicator is the COOPERS Cattle Pour-On Gun, which has a spray nozzle attachment that delivers an even fan shaped dose.

Other forms of application such as using a pouring jug should not be used.



Do not use on animals severely stressed or in ill health.

Do not apply as a single spot. Do not use on cattle for Buffalo Fly control. Do not contaminate dams, rivers or streams, as it is dangerous to fish. Some scurfiness may develop along the backline which, in most cases, will disappear within 3 weeks.


Wear elbow length PVC gloves when applying product and avoid contact with skin and eyes. To avoid operator contact with insecticide when drenching or vaccinating cattle, apply COOPERS EASY-DOSE last.


Meat – Nil

Milk – Nil

ESI – 21 days

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