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Equinade Hoof Lube

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Equinade Hoof Lube

The Equinade Hoof Lube Black s a premium quality hoof oil which contains natural healing ingredients and also black colouring for a winning presentation. It is an easy to use, brush on lubricant which has been designed to assist in the growth of healthy hooves. Regular use of Equinade Hoof Lube will help to produce and maintain a healthy hoof. This lubricant formula is easy to use in cooler weather than a solid dressing and is simply applied with a soft brush. When applying pay particular attention to the coronet band and hoof wall.

Made from the finest natural ingredients

Contains natural healing oils, animal fats and lanolin which have an excellent ability to maintain a healthy hoof moisture balance in dry and wet conditions

Helps to prevent splitting, chipping and contraction by nourishing hooves and giving them flexibility

Contains Eucalyptus Oil and Stockholm Tar which are natural antiseptic to help in the control of bacterial diseases in hooves, including thrush, greasy heel, mud fever and seedy toe

An all natural, easy brush on hoof oil to assist maintain a healthy mositure balance in the hoof. This helps to prevent chipping, cracking and contraction. Now contains Eucalyptus Oil - nature's antiseptic!

Contains high-gloss, durable black colouring for special presentations and show days

Suits: Horses

Brand: Equinade

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