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Feliway Refill - 48mL


Feliway Refill is for use alongside the Feliway Diffuser which mimicks a natural facial pheromones produced by cats to mark their territory as safe and familiar.


As a result, Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with a challenging situation and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during a change in their environment.

Feliway has been clinically proven to help cat with stressed behaviours such as:

  • Unwanted scratching
  • urine spraying
  • Agression
  • Food intake disorders (anorexia or over-feeding)
  • overgrooming (bald areas) or undergrooming (matted or soiled fur)
  • House soiling
  • Decreasing levels of activity
  • Appearing withdrawn (reduced desire to play or interact)


Feliway is available in 2 forms: as a spray and an electric diffuser.

When to use a Feliway Diffuser?

The Diffuser is ideal for multi-cat households, moving home, introducing new pets, redecorating, new furniture, settling into a new home, parties at home, for firework nights. Or use the Feliway diffuser to provide further support to the Feliway spray in scratching and urine spraying/marking.

How to use the diffuser?

• Removal the refill vial cap.
• Screw the refill vial onto diffuser unit.
• Plug the diffuser into an electric socket.
• Leave the diffuser switched on continuously.
• Diffuser refill should last 4 weeks.
• Do not plug in behind a door, curtain, behind/underneath furniture, or in the direct line of an air conditioner.

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