What is Feliway and how it can help your cat

New things and interactions can be stressful for cats. If you’ve ever moved house, gone to the vets or introduced your cat to a new member of the family (whether it is furry or not), you’ll know how sensitive your cat can be to change.

Cats have strong connections to their natural instincts. They are territorial and often like to be solitary. Modern living has interrupted these natural instincts.

So how can you keep your cat calm and prevent unwanted stress? Feliway.

What is Feliway?

  • Feliway is a product that comforts and reassures cats and kittens and reduces signs of stress such as urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding.
  • It can be purchased in a spray bottle or as a plug-in diffuser.
  • Feliway for cats works by emulating the natural pheromones released by a mother cat to calm her kittens. It is similar to the substance that cats rub onto your leg or furniture.
  • When they mark their territory with this substance, they are marking it as safe. Feliway is the man-made version of this, and when your cat smells it, it will signal to them that they are in a safe space.

When should I use Feliway?

  • When you are moving house
  • When you get a new cat or kitten
  • When you have guests over and your cat gets nervous
  • When you take your cat to the vet

Any time your cat’s usual routine or environment is going to be disrupted, is a goof time to use Feliway.

Alternatively, if your cat is displaying common symptoms of being unhappy or stressed like hissing, urinating outside the litter box, hiding, fighting, change in appetite or over-grooming, you should consider using Feliway.

What are the benefits of Feliway for cats?

Feliway helps to reduce signs of unhappiness in cats and help them stay calm in stressful environments.

At Doncaster Veterinary Hospital, we understand how stressful a visit to the vets can be. We have a dedicated cat corner (no dogs allowed!) and a special cat consultation room that contains a Feliway diffuser to help give your cats the best experience possible and to make visiting the vet less stressful.