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Homeopet Leaks No More 15ml

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Leaks No More is helping pets and their parents to reduce the impact of urinary incontinence on their well-being and their home. Neutered pets, older pets and those who have given birth may be prone to dampness at their rear end or in their bedding, dribbling or just not making it to the litter box or garden on time. Use to help tighten the urinary sphincter reduce the irritation from urine on the skin, and reduce odours and constant cleaning.

HomeoPet Leaks No More has been formulated by Veterinarians specifically for cat and dog urinary incontinence. Incontinence may result from fear or excitement, frequent urination or, in older pets, after neutering or spaying, or females that have had litters.

Unlike other pet incontinence solutions, HomeoPet Leaks No More does not contain Phenylpropanolamine (PPA). In fact, quite the opposite, it contains 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. It is easily administered in a liquid form.

Size: 15ml

Advice Care

As urinary incontinence is a long term chronic condition use 2 to 3 times daily to maintain a sufficient amount in the system.  Safe for use long term and may be used in conjunction with other medications if used for other conditions.  

LEAKS NO MORE is easy to administer in a liquid form, and there are no side effects.

About Homeopet Liquid Drops

Developed by Veterinarian Dr Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom, these unique formulas are made from the highest quality active ingredients to address pets with anxiety and behaviour problems, issues with their joints or digestive systems, skin and coat issues, or urinary incontinence.

Over the last 20 years Homeopet have conducted a continuous program of clinical trials and thousands of case studies to prove the effectiveness of their range.

Clearly labelled so that pet owners can quickly choose the right solution for a health condition, HomeoPet is trusted by millions of vets and pet owners globally. HomeoPet is simply the best range of natural pet health care products available.

Easy to administer liquid drops

Rapid-acting formulas with visible results within hours or days

  • No side effects
  • Safe to use alongside conventional pharmaceuticals
  • One bottle lasts an average pet approximately 4 weeks
  • Small bottle, potent formula
  • Use only as needed
  • Designed by Veterinarians with dual degrees in natural and veterinary science
  • More than 4,000 Vet case studies in Australia

How Does It work

While the body has its own natural abilities to heal and recover from illness or injury, sometimes that ability is compromised and extra help is needed for a faster, full recovery. HomeoPet liquid drops are designed to give that extra help, by addressing both the immediate symptoms and the underlying causes for better pet health and well-being.

The unique ingredients in HomeoPet’s formulas are unlike anything you will find in a supplement, vitamin or nutrient. Created by Vets with years of research and development, the seven products in the HomeoPet range are the best-in-class and most widely used natural solutions to common pet health conditions – trusted by millions of pet lovers around the world.

Because HomeoPet ships their products internationally, they use 23 ml sized bottles for each 15 ml remedy so there is extra room in the bottle to accommodate product volume changes caused by temperature variations during shipping. Each bottle is filled with the standard product volume of 15 ml of the remedy, but the bottle may appear to be "half-full" because of its larger size

Ingredients and Benefits:

Plantain (Plantago Major 6c & 30c)
For dog incontinence or cat incontinence during sleep, typically slight leakage
Yellow Jasmine (Gelsemium Sempervirens 6c & 30c)
For dog incontinence or cat incontinence especially related to fear, typically profuse clear watery flow
Spanish Fly (Cantharis 6c & 30c)
For frequent urination in small amounts
Causticum (Causticum 6c & 30c)
For cat incontinence or dog incontinence from excitement, also at start of sleep and associated with surgery
Alumina 6c & 30c (Oxide Of Aluminum) Old age incontinence


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