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IAH Snow-E Muscle, Energy & Fertility 700gm (out of stock)


Snow-E Muscle, Energy & Fertility

Palatable Vitamin E Supplement For Horses And Greyhounds

  • A palatable and stable form of high quality, synthetic vitamin E
  • Acts as an aid in the treatment and prevention of Vitamin E deficiencies, may assist in the regulation of carbohydrate, creatine and muscle metabolism, may assist in the regulation of glycogen balance, and the maintenance of reproductive function where diets are deficient in Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin E is the body’s most important antioxidant vitamin

Active constituents: Each kg contains: DL-ALPHA TOCOPHERYL ACETATE 100,000 I.U

A palatable and stable form of high quality, synthetic form of the vitamin E that is well accepted by horses and greyhounds. The "natural" or fat-soluble forms of vitamin E can be rapidly oxidised by exposure to air, and the rate of decomposition can be increased by exposure to heat, UV light, alkalis and heavy metal salts, such as iron mixed into the feed with the supplement. Vitamin E is the body's most important antioxidant vitamin, which protects muscle cell membranes of the limbs and heart muscle against damage by harmful compounds in the oxidation of fats in the cell walls

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