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Inca Baladene 5ltr (Out of Stock)


Inca Baladene 5ltr

Aids in the prevention and treatment of acidosis, dehydration and tying-up in greyhounds.

Baladene is a highly concentrated, palatable solution of sodium and potassium citrates in buffer form.  It is specially designed for racing animals to extend their period at top form.

Use of Baladene provides a ready preventive & remedial treatment for dehydration, tying up (azoturia), acidosis, & haemoconcentration.  It assists in maintaining correct acid and salt balance in the body, and helps to ensure that the transport of fuel materials and the oxygen necessary for their most effective use, are kept at the high levels necessary for peak performance.

Baladene contains citrates to aid in neutralizing acidic products of metabolism which may accumulate in the body following strenuous exercise and cause "tying up" or cramped muscles following heavy training programmes.   The urinary alkalizing effect can aid specific treatment of certain diseases of the urinary tract.  A source of sodium and potassium ions to aid restoration of electrolyte ion balance after losses due to sweating.

Nervous, sweaty horses, and animals prone to "tying up", sodium loss and dehydration will benefit from Baladene treatment.  Baladene may be used successfully in cases of urogenital infection and inflammation, as an adjuvant to specific therapy.

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