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iO Equi-Boost 80ml (4-in-1 combination paste for horses)


iO Equi-Boost 80ml - 4-in-1 combination paste for horses

Concentrated Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid, Electrolyte & Trace Paste, specifically formulated to replace key nutrients lost during training and competition.

iO Equi-Boost is convenient, easy to use and offers peace mind for performance horse competitors

4-in-1 combination paste for horses: Helps to replace lost mineral, vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes for horses in training.

Contains water soluble vitamins: Ideally suited for horses being exervised, traveling or exposed to warm conditions.

Contains amino acids and electrolytes: Assists the horses’ body to recover faster post exercise or travel.

Supplies electrolytes required for optimal performance: Stimulates thirst, helps to reduce the incidence of dehydration.

Convenient paste application: Palatable and easy to mix into the horse’s feed.

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