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Ivomec Injection for Cattle (ivermectin) 1L

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Ivomec Injection For Cattle 1L

Ivomec Injection For Cattle is for the treatment and control of ivermectin sensitive internal and external parasites of cattle.

Ivomec Injection For Cattle provides broad-spectrum parasite control.  Ivomec Injection kills internal and external parasites including worms, sucking lice and cattle tick

Ivomec Injection For Cattle has a wide margin of safety.  Pregnant and breeding cattle may be safely treated provided normal care is taken in handling.

Ivomec Injection For Cattle is a low volume & convenient injectable makes it convenient for use with most syringes or automatic injectors.

Ivomec Injection For Cattle is a ready to use, sterile solution with a unique mode of action.

Active Ingredient: Ivermectin @ 10mg/mL

Broad-Spectrum Parasite Control:

When used as directed, Ivomec Injection treats and controls the following parasites of cattle:

Gastrointestinal roundworms:

  • Small Brown Stomach Worm (Ostertagia ostertagi) – Adults, L4 and L3 immature stages, (including inhibited fourth stage larvae)
  • Brown Stomach Worm (O. lyrata) – Adults and L4 immature stage
  • Barber’s Pole Worm (Haemonchus placei) – Adults, L4 and L3 immature stages
  • Stomach Hair Worm (Trichostrongylus axei) – Adults and L4 immature stages
  • Intestinal Hair Worm (T. colubriformis) – Adults and L4 immature stages
  • Small Intestinal Worm (Cooperia spp.) – Adults, L4 and L3 immature stages
  • Hookworm (Bunostomum phlebotomum) – Adults, L4 and L3 immature stages
  • Nodule Worm (Oesophagostomum radiatum) – Adults, L4 and L3 immature stages
  • Thin Necked Intestinal Worm (Nematodirus spathiger) – Adults
  • Thin Necked Intestinal Worm (N. helvetianus) – Adults
  • Intestinal Threadworm (Strongyloides papillosus) – Adults
  • Large Roundworm (Toxocara vitulorum) – Adults
  • Whipworm (Trichuris spp.) – Adults


  • Dictyocaulus viviparus (Adult and immature, including inhibited stages)


  • Thelazia spp (Adult stages)

Screw Worm Fly:

  • Chrysomya bezziana (parasitic larval stages) (Not reported in Australia, but present in Papua-New Guinea)

Sucking Lice:

  • Linognathus vituli
  • Haematopinus eurysternus
  • Solenopotes capillatus

(Does not provide full control of the cattle biting louse, Bovicola (Damalinia) bovis)


Sarcoptes scabiei var. bovis

Cattle Tick:

  • Boophilus microplus

Boophilus microplus including organophosphate, synthetic pyrethroid and amidine resistant strains.  Maximum efficacy is reached 4-5 days after treatment. Engorged female ticks that drop from cattle in the initial days after treatment may lay viable eggs. This should be taken into account when planning a strategic tick control program. IVOMEC Injection should be alternated with conventional dips or pour-ons when the program requires repeat treatments. IVOMEC Injection can be used at 28 day intervals in strategic tick control programs. Do not re-treat in less than 28 days.

Persistent Activity:

At the recommended dose rate,  Ivomec Injection effectively controls:

  • Ostertagia spp. and Cooperia spp. acquired up to 7 days after treatment
  • Dictyocaulus viviparous and Chrysomia bezziana acquired up to 14 days after treatment.

Registrant: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Australia Pty. Ltd. (APVMA #: 46570)

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