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Kelatolyte Electrolyte Replacer

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Kelatolyte Electrolyte Replacer

KelatoLYTE is a scientifically formulated electrolyte replacer designed to mimic the composition of horse sweat. How does KelatoLYTE work? Supplementation with KelatoLYTE will help to reduce the risk of dehydration and associated disorders such as poor performance, fatigue and muscle stiffness.

KelatoLYTE is an advanced electrolyte replacer for performance horses, containing higher levels of the essential electrolytes lost in equine sweat. KelatoLYTE's balanced formulation more closely mimics the actual composition of a horse's sweat making it extremely effective at preventing poor performance due an electrolyte imbalance from sweat loss.


Sodium 216. 0 g/kg Potassium 167. 0 g/kg Magnesium 16. 9 g/kg Chloride 484. 8 g/kg Glucose 92. 0 g/kg KelatoLYTE contains no bicarbonates and does not contravene the rules of competition


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