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Kentucky Equine- Restore Paste 60ml Twin Pack


Kentucky Equine- Restore Paste 60ml Twin Pack

Restore Paste is a carefully formulated electrolyte supplement designed to match the composition of sweat.
When horses sweat they lose electrolytes, with the principal losses being chloride, sodium, potassium and magnesium. If these essential nutrients are not replenished, the consequences may include conditions such as dehydration, muscular weakness, overheating, fatigue, and poor performance. The composition of Restore Paste mimics that of horse sweat so it replaces what has been lost from sweat.
Restore Paste is an easy-to-administer buffered paste. Using the same proven mixture of ingredients found in Restore as a foundation, Restore Paste includes a buffering agent that supports gastrointestinal comfort in horses.

For routine or strategic electrolyte replacement for all horses that sweat

  • To supply potassium to hard-working horses
  • Easy-to-administer oral paste 

Administer one tube (60g) after strenuous performance activity. One tube of Restore Paste provides an equivalent amount of electrolytes as 30g of Restore.

For best results, administer Restore Paste after competition, work or in any situation where the horse sweats. In addition to Restore Paste, all horses should have access to a salt block or additional loose salt.

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