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MS 5000 Mini Thermal Fogger


MS 5000 Mini Thermal Fogger

MS5000 Butane powered mini Fogger is an easy and super effective fumigation machine to protect against and control a wide range of Insect Pests, Viruses, and Bacteria.

Superior design, features and quality that put you in charge of your DIY fumigation needs.

  • High volume smoke production for quick insecticide distribution
  • Easy start- push button ignition
  • Low Cost - easily sourced Butane Gas Can (sold separately)
  • Enlarged base for extra stability and safety
  • Larger 1.8 litre chemical tank
  • Flush Tank for quick clean out after use
  • Stainless steel coil & mechanism
  • Light weight robust construction

Pests treated

Including: stored product pests, mosquitoes, flying Insects, midges, spiders and range of other pests. (always read the product label)

Where to use

Suitable for use in domestic, business, commercial, Pest control and agricultural situations for sanitisation, Disinfection and insect control.

Why use a fog?

Thermal fogging offers a number of unique benefits Over traditional aerosols or sprays, they include:

  • whole of area treatment including the air
  • immediate control
  • little to no residual
  • complete treatment
  • un-matched delivery of active to all areas
  • medium to large treatment area
  • no clean up

How to use

Igniting the unit is very similar to lighting a bbq. Turn The gas knob on and push the ignition button to ignite The coil. Now lit, adjust the gas flow around half way And let the unit warm up for approximately 10 seconds Until the coil is hot.

By slowly pumping the handle lever, mixture from the Chemical tank is drawn up and through the coil system Where it is super heated to release a thick fog dispersing product to all areas. While fogging do not over pump, Pump every 3-5 seconds.

What insecticide to use

We recommend pyrate natural insecticide, registered For use as a fogging agent to control a wide range of Insect pests. Refer to product label for full details

Fogging mixing rate

  • 1:9 or per 1.8 litre tank =180ml of pyrate natural
  • Insecticide with 1.6 litres of carrier solution (mineral oil
  • Or diesel). Each tank will treat approximately 2500m3

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