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Organica Ponycoat Rubbing Balm

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Organica Ponycoat Rubbing Balm

Organica Pony Balm is suitable for use on all certified organic farms and contains the finest quality ingredients in a unique organic therapeutic blend. The combination of Australian essential oils and botanical extracts create a therapeutic healing balm to soothe and aide in the recovery of cuts, sores and sunburn. It’s also a great mosquito, fly and midge deterrent to open wounds and provides relief from itching. It has the certified allowed farm input approval (No. 442), is non-toxic and chemical free and has no withholding period.

Pony Balm is a registered trademark of Organica Australia Pty Ltd.

Pony Balm can be applied by hand, cloth or onto their favourite rubbing post. Do not apply to animals’ eyes.  Wash hands after use.

Exclusion Of Liability

This product is suited for the purpose for which it was expressly intended. No responsibility is accepted by the manufacturer or agents in respect of this product if deemed faulty.

Precautions & Safety

Avoid animal’s eyes. Wash hands with soap after use. May irritate skin and eyes. Not to be used for any other purpose or in any other manner contrary to these directions.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

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