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PlaqueOff for Cats 40gm


PlaqueOff for Cats 40gm

Troy PlaqueOff for Cats is for the maintenance of oral hygiene, preventing tartar, gingivitis and bad breath. Use in conjunction with brushing.

PlaqueOff for Cats is a natural feed supplement which is clinically proven to significantly reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar in cats. PlaqueOff for Cats is made from Ascophyllum Nodosum, a specially selected seaweed harvested from the cold and clean seas of Norway and Iceland. Since cats are known for having a more discerning palate, we have added brewer’s yeast to this product – an ingredient which cats love.

PlaqueOff for Cats has proven to be 100% irresistible to a panel of cat critics.

Directions for Use:

 PlaqueOff is a dry food supplement. Sprinkle PlaqueOff for Cats onto your pets food once daily. PlaqueOff may be added to either wet or dry food.


Cats up to 10kg give _ to 1 scoop a day.

SIZE: 40g powder

Animals with Hypothyroidism should not be given PlaqueOff. PlaqueOff has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals. Use should be avoided during these times.
Reactions such as itching may occur in animals with algae hypersensitivity or allergies. Certain individual animals may react with an upset stomach. If this occurs, reduce the amount given and gradually increase the dose. If you know your pet has a sensitive stomach start at a lower dose and increase gradually.

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