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Prozym RF2 Large Dental Sticks 12 pack 420gm - Large 20Kg+


We all know well that dogs love to chew, nibble or tear to shreds anything they can find. Thanks to Prozym Dental Sticks, your dog can chew and clean its teeth at the same time. The products in the Prozym range contain a unique active ingredient called RF2. RF2 is from vegetal origin and has been selected for its activity against the biofilm.RF2 can induce a 70% reduction in the production of biofilm and induce a 40% reduction of Tartar.

Ingredients: Grains, polyols, RF2 (Rheum palmatum root powder)

Directions for use

  • Give your dog one chew per day
  • Give the chew after a meal
  • Ensure there is fresh drinking water available
  • This is not a throwing and catching toy for your dog, catching the toy in its mouth could injure your dog.
  • Replace the edible bone when it is small enough for the dog to swallow whole
  • It is recommended to supervise your pet while chewing bone

The large dental sticks are recommended for dogs 20+kg


Low fat chews contain grain, polyols and RF2


Bad breath in dogs can be a sign of dental disease. The exclusive active ingredient RF2 in Prozym Dental Sticks eliminates biofilm caused by the bacteria in the mouth of dogs. Biofilm is the first stage of dental plaque, so treating it early can prevent more serious problems.

The unique star shape of Prozym Dental Sticks guarantees a longer chew time, which helps fight plaque and tartar through more direct contact with the stick.


To clean teeth and prevent biofilm build-up and bad breath in dogs.


Give dogs one stick per day to chew on after a meal. Ensure they always have fresh drinking water. If you are concerned regarding your dog’s dental hygiene please ask your vet for advice

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