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Pro-Kolin + Probiotic & Prebiotic Paste for Dogs and Cats

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Pro-Kolin + Probiotic & Prebiotic Paste for Dogs and Cats

Pro-Kolin + Probiotic and Prebiotic paste is perfect for cats and dogs with digestive upsets. Using it as a daily supplement in their food, it re-establishes the micro-flora and soothes the gut lining in your pets stomach. It is essential in helping your met maintain a healthy and happy digestive system.

  • Beef flavour - perfect for dogs and cats that are fussy!
  • Probiotics ensure that your pets good bacteria in the stomach is kept at optimum levels, so they can fight the bad bacteria and restore balance in the digestive system.
  • Pectin is added to soothe the stomach and gut lining when it is inflamed with infection.
  • Kaolin helps bind pet faeces
  • Easy to administer syringes in a 15ml, 30ml and 60ml

Give by mouth for as long as considered necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. Pro-Kolin+ can be given up to three times daily, depending on severity.


  • Probiotics

A natural 'friendly' bacterium, Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/ NCIMB 10415) 4b1707, which helps to keep the level of beneficial bacteria high and exclude pathogenic species.

  • Preplex prebiotics

A prebiotic, consisting of fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) and acacia (Gum arabic), which helps to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.

  • Kaolin

A natural binding agent which helps to firm up the faeces.

  • Pectin

To help soothe the gut lining.

  • Artificial beef flavouring

To improve palatability and compliance


  • <5kg, 2ml Twice Daily
  • 5-15kg, 2ml Twice Daily
  • 15-30kg, 5ml Twice Daily
  • >30kg, 7ml Twice Daily

To administer the correct amount of the product use the handy wheel on the syringe plunger. Rotate the wheel until it is to the right of the number representing the desired quantity to be administered.

How to give Pro-Kolin to your pet

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