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Ranvet Aminovite Plus

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Ranvet Aminovite Plus

A premium grade multi-vitamin & mineral feed supplement formulated specifically for horses.

Aminovite Plus uses chelated (organic) trace minerals for optimum bioavailability and absorption, and supplies added Prokura Yeast (palatability and added digestive enzymes). The best balanced choice for horses at stud or in full race and competition training.

Aminovite Plus is a premium grade multi-vitamin feed supplement with added organic trace minerals and amino acids. It has been formulated specifically for horses. The different vitamins help meet the increased nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mares, support rapid growth in young horses and help overcome the stress of infection. .

Ranvet AMINOVITE PLUS provides additional vitamins and trace minerals to help meet the increased demands on mature horses in training and racing. The 10 different vitamins enriched with complexed organic Chromium, Copper, Selenium and Zinc help meet the increased nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mares, support rapid growth in young horses and to help overcome the stress of infection.

Mix the prescribed dose through a dry feed. It is recommended that the prescribed dose be spread over two feeds. Bring horses onto full dose gradually.

NOTE: as AMINOVITE PLUS contains Copper, care should be taken when administering to horses whose diet is Copper sufficient.

The maximum tolerated level in horses is 800mg/kg of the diet.

A measure is provided. One LEVEL measure holds 30g.


  • Premium grade multi-vitamin feed supplement.
  • Specifically formulated for high performance horses.
  • Supplies chelated, highly bio-available minerals.
  • Supplies all essential nutrients commonly deficient in many rations.
  • Safe for pregnant mares, lactating mares, stallions and foals.
  • Excellent quality ingredients in a highly palatable form.


  • Specifically formulated and tailored by equine veterinarians to meet the increased nutritional demands of horses subjected to the physical stress and exertion of hard racing and training.
  • Specifically tailored to balance high grain diets of intensively stabled, high performance horses.
  • Combats vitamin and mineral deficiencies where good quality pasture is not readily available.
  • Essential for energy conversion from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Absorption and bio-availability increased 2-5 times in excess of standard inorganic mineral complexes.
  • Ideal coat conditioner.
  • Easily mixed into the ration.

Dose Rates:

  • HORSES IN WORK: 60g. daily
  • SPELLING HORSES: 30g. daily
  • YEARLINGS, WEANLINGS: 30g. daily
  • CRIB-FED FOALS: 15g. daily
  • STALLIONS AT STUD: 30g. daily

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